MedBusiness Tracker

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MedBusiness Tracker is an optional module within MedBusiness Manager that allows physicians to upload and manage medical claims over the Internet. Since none of MedBusiness products are designed to replace the practices' existing software (the system "compliments" their existing software) Tracker processes claims created by their current practice management package. The system edits each claim for completeness and accuracy; if the claim is "clean", which means it contains no errors, it is automatically submitted to the carrier electronically using the fastest route possible. If there is an error in the claims, a report is generated that shows what needs to be done to correct the claim. Once it is corrected, it is sent electronically to the carrier. The system generates various reports that track every claim to make sure no claims ever "falls though the cracks".

Current prompt payment laws state that medical claims must be paid within 45 days upon a receipt of a clean claim from the provider; by forcing all claims processed to be "clean" and filed immediately, claims get paid much quicker and A/R is reduced significantly.

Summary reports are also generated by the system that show valuable statistics such as occurrence of errors that affect claims and dollar impact of these errors, giving the practice a practical guide to use to increase productivity. Aggregate data from various practices is also available to show the provider what is happening with other practices within their same geographic area in their same specialties.