What is It?
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What is It?
The Online Sports Injury Manager (OSIM) is a secure, Internet-based system for tracking athletic injuries and managing referrals. The HIPAA compliant network will allow coaches and certfied athletic trainers (ATCs) to connect to physicians, therapists, and other diagnostic facilities through secure servers to manage the injuries of student athletes from the time of occurrence throughout the entire treatment and rehabilitation process, including management of the medical claim.

Unlike many software packages that do similar functions, this system is not “self-contained” – it is connected (via the Internet) to physicians and other caregivers so the certified athletic trainer gets real-time information as the athlete goes through the healthcare system. When an athlete is referred to a physician or therapist, his or her records “follow” the athlete along with the referral. The physician’s office now has the insurance information even before the athlete arrives for the appointment. When the athlete is seen, the subsequent reports are simply attached to the electronic file – no more written reports going through the mail. Everyone associated with the care of the athlete now has instant access to critical information concerning the care of the athlete and the data necessary to process his or her medical claim in the most efficient way.

The system is available by using only a standard browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) and a connection to the Internet. No software or special hardware is needed to use the system. Since it is on the Internet, records can be viewed and updated whether the user is at home, at the office, on the road with the team, or wherever. Since all the software resides on our secure server, the software is constantly being upgraded and improved - the next time you log on you have the latest version!

Security is never compromised with OSIM because all OSIM systems are maintained on a secure network and all data is encrypted as it crosses the Internet. A doctor only has access to the records of the athletes referred to him or her, not to all the school’s athletes and user logs keep track of all activity. The system has been developed and maintained by, Inc. the leader in Internet Applications and connectivity solutions for the healthcare industry.