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Every subscription to the Online Sports Injury Manager includes a subscription to OSIM for the team physician(s) at not extra charge. This allows the certified athletic trainer (ATC) to establish a secure connection to his or her team doctor and communicate, share information, and aggregate data in real-time. Not only does the physician get an electronic “pipeline” to receive referrals, he or she also has immediate access to the insurance information, which helps increase reimbursement.

When an ATC refers an athlete (patient) to the physician, the office immediately has all the pertinent information on the case, including the insurance information. For insurance purchased by the schools as secondary coverage, the system can automatically fill out the school’s claim form and indicate on the screen whether it has been sent or not. With EOB data available (from many major carriers) billing offices are always kept abreast of the latest developments in the claim.

After the athlete’s visit to the physicians’ office, reports on the evaluation and treatment are attached to the electronic record for immediate access by the ATC. DICOM images, such as MRIs and CT-Scans can be uploaded to the secure servers and made available on the Internet so anyone that has access can view them at home, the office, or on the road with the team.
Case Study

OSIM is now being used by physicians to track referrals and the associated reimbursement, insurance mix, and other claims related data. The Baylor Sports Medicine Institute, in Houston, TX serves over 100 schools in the Southeast Texas area. They have been using the system since 2002 to enhance their school outreach program and digitize their physical exam records.

Baylor’s custom screens increases brand awareness and the custom reports they generate not only contain valuable clinical data, but also pertinent information on reimbursement and referral patterns.

The OSIM software has been developed by has been in the business of providing physicians’ offices with secure, Internet-based tools since 1998. Physicians use these HIPAA compliant tools to check eligibility, edit claims, and securely store data on the Internet. For more information on OSIM or any product please contact us.