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Special Features
  • Claims Management
  • Attachments
  • Injury and treatment tracking
  • Connect with Physicians and Insurance Co.
  • Participation Checklist Management

  • Claims Management
    Special functions exists within the program to help you complete the insurance forms necessary to file athletic (school group) insurance and send it electronically to most major carriers. The program takes the data already entered in the rest of the program and auto-complete the forms. Now when a student misplaces the form or for any other reason you need to reproduce it is only a click away.

    EOB (Explanation of Benefits) information is also available from some major carriers so you will have real-time access to claims data through the system.

    OSIM servers are installed with special fax technology, which will allow you to attach any paper to the electronic record of the athlete simply by using your regular fax machine. Once you fax a document to the server, it changes the document into a PDF file and is able to be viewed using Adobe Acrobat. Now any pertinent documents that need to be kept on athletes (i.e. physical exams, permission slips, prescriptions, etc.) can be stored electronically in the athletes file for later viewing or access by the physicians office or insurance company.

    Also able to be attached are regular files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or any other type of electronic media in the form of a file. Many physicians’ offices are using this feature to attach their reports and the certified athletic trainer has immediate access – avoiding the paper and mail time.

    OSIM is complete with special DICOM servers to accept images from MRI and CT Scanning units. Now MRIs can be attached to the athlete’s electronic record and read by anyone with access to the special viewing software. This means MRIs can be read by the physician no matter where he or she is simply by using a PC and a connection to the Internet.

    Injury and treatment tracking
    The system will allow you to enter as many injuries on a particular athlete as needed (unlimited). Pertinent information on each injury including relevant statistical information can be recorded. Treatment information related to each injury can be entered and special notes (such as if the athlete showed up) are included in each treatment record. Treatments can also be entered for “non-injuries” or routine treatment involved in the care of healthy athletes.

    Connect with Physicians and Insurance Co.
    Now you can keep a handle on the entire diagnosis, treatment and insurance management aspects of all your athletic injuries by maintaining a constant connection with the physicians and insurance companies. The program is offered at no charge to your physicians’ office and most major insurance companies that offer student athletic insurance now (or will) have access to the program.

    This means that when you refer an athlete to the doctor’s office, they will now be able to pull up the relevant information related to the injury, treatment, or insurance. As actions are taken at the doctors office you now are kept “in the loop” and a paper trail is formed on everything that occurs as the athlete makes his or her way through the system.

    Participation Checklist Management
    A special module exists in OSIM, which allows you to create a checklist of all items you need to receive and keep for the athlete before he or she is allowed to participate in athletics. Examples of this could be the Physical Exam or the parent or guardian permission. This module is completely customized by you depending on what is needed for your particular program. Once it is set up and data entered, reports can be generated that contain lists of all the athletes that do not have a particular item so you know which ones have to be collected.