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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost?
  • What about HIPAA?
  • I want to support NATA - How do they benefit?
  • Does it work on the Palm Pilot?
  • I am using another program; will the data transfer?
  • I don’t have much time; how will I enter all this data?
  • If my data is “somewhere else”, how will I back it up?

  • How much does it cost?
    Normally a subscription to the service costs $600 per year per school. This gives you an unlimited number of users and transactions. Since the program runs entirely on the web, there is no additional software or special hardware needed. All you need is a browser and a connection to the Internet.

    For NATA members, the program is now being offered for only $460.00 per year. Also, you many want to take advantage of our new monthly plan and pay only $39.00 per month.

    We realize some smaller schools and districts are on a very tight budget. In some cases sponsors (physicians, vendors, etc.) have stepped forward to buy subscriptions for certain schools. If you are interested in finding out if there is a sponsor in your area please Contact Us.

    What about HIPAA?
    The system is compliant with all current and proposed regulations under the Healthcare Information Portability and Privacy Act of 1996 (HIPAA). All data is encrypted as it travels across the Internet and all servers are protected with firewalls and other hardware to maintain the utmost in security and privacy of the electronic data.

    Permission to access to each athlete’s record is managed by you and is given on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you refer an athlete to a physician and the physician accepts the referral, he or she then has access ONLY to that one record. The doctor’s office DOES NOT have access to ALL your records and no other school has access to any of your records.

    I want to support NATA - Do they get anything?
    The National Athletic Trainers Association receives a small portion of each subscription to go toward funding its programs to help certified athletic trainers. Also, NATA will have real-time access to aggregate (non private) data related to injuries, treatments, referrals, and insurance claims. This data will help NATA better serve its constituents.

    Does it work on the Palm Pilot?
    Currently the program has been ported to the Palm VII wireless Internet device and is available wherever a Palm wireless network exists. Additional software is now being developed to work on most popular handheld devices, including limited access on some cell phones.

    I am using another program; will the data transfer?
    We have been able to transfer pertinent data from many popular injury management programs. NATA members can get data translation at no additional charge with a subscription to the Online Sports Injury Manager.

    I don’t have much time; how will I enter all this data?
    There are several ways you can tackle this problem. One is to just enter data on the athletes that get injured and not ALL of the athletes. A major disadvantage of this method is that you are unable to include or attach many routine things that are part of the athletes record such as physical exams, permission slips, medications, etc.

    Another popular method is to allow the athletes to enter the data themselves on a special, private website. The website is carefully administered by you and only allows the athletes (or their parents) to create a record. They cannot access the program and cannot modify any records. With this method, the databases get populated very quickly and usually only a small amount of modifications are necessary to complete the record.

    Once a record is created once, you do not have to enter the data year after year. Data on graduating students is archived so you don’t have to individually delete the records. Of course the data is available to you in the future if you need it but it doesn’t clutter up your current databases.

    If my data is “somewhere else”, how will I back it up?
    We realize some people are a little uncomfortable about not having their data reside directly on their hard drive. For this reason, there is a special module in the program to allow you to compile all your data into a file and download it to your hard drive. The data is compiled into Excel spreadsheets so you can easily read it or translate it for use by other software. This module can be used on a regular, scheduled basis or “on the fly” – it is up to you how much you use it.